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Attain DeFi mastery with EMURGO Academy with its prestigious partnerships with leading pioneers in the field: University of Nicosia & Cardano DeFi Alliance.

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Cardano DeFi Masterclass

By EMURGO Academy and the Cardano DeFi Alliance!

Led by the best and brightest minds from the Cardano ecosystem – EMURGO Academy (a founding entity of Cardano ) has partnered with the Cardano DeFi Alliance (an alliance of the top DeFi DApps on Cardano) the Cardano DeFi Masterclass is a uniquely authentic Cardano blockchain-centric course aimed at providing a comprehensive overview of decentralized finance in Cardano, developed by and taught by leaders in the Cardano ecosystem for Cardano DeFi learners.

By the end of this course, you will have a sound understanding of various DeFi concepts such as security best practices, AMM DEXs, Synthetics, Stablecoins, Yield Farming, Arbitrage, Market Making, Perpetuals, Options, Leverage, Oracles, DAO Governance models along with a better understanding of Regulatory and Taxation aspects in DeFi today. You will also discover how to interact with various DeFi dApps on Cardano and learn how to compose various DeFi apps to maximize their benefits.

DeFi Labs

A joint venture program between University of Nicosia and Emurgo Academy

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) transforms finance by utilizing blockchain to eliminate intermediaries, enabling transactions and services. This disruptive approach empowers individuals to engage in lending, borrowing, and trading without central authorities. This shift gives rise to innovative business and investment models, offering benefits to businesses, investors, and individuals alike.

DeFi Lab Course launched in association with EMURGO Academy & University of Nicosia the leading University in digital currency and blockchain technologies – and EMURGO Academy, the business arm of the Cardano Protocol (the leading 3rd generation Proof-of-Stake blockchain) and industry leader in the blockchain space.

This collaboration seeks to deliver a valuable educational experience by combining cutting-edge academic research with industry-relevant expertise for potential learners.

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