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Join the DeFi lab Course: The University of Nicosia and EMURGO Academy Partner to Offer Comprehensive & Revolutionary DeFi Blockchain Course + Sign Up Offer

What is DeFi or decentralized finance?

DeFi, or decentralized finance, is a revolution in the space of finance and banking, built on the models of centralized, traditional finance architecture, and backed by the security and promise of decentralized blockchain technology. 

It is an important component of Web3 and is a new-age decentralized financial ecosystem built on cryptography, open-source blockchains, and a peer-to-peer ecosystem, offering a host of decentralized financial products and services across money, banking, investments, exchanges, brokerage, insurance, payments, asset management, and much more.

The change is building the “Internet of Value,” the reinvention of money, and how money can work for us in a peer-to-peer manner without a centralized individual, group, or institution in the middle that holds user information and can arbitrarily dictate financial processes affecting users.

With DeFi, users can directly borrow, loan, receive interest, pay & settle, and much more directly peer-to-peer using DeFi applications that are open-source software protocols instead of a third-party middleman.

What you will learn in our DeFi lab course (DeFi Lab)

In this special DeFi lab course, you will learn:

  • How well-known DeFi platforms work
  • How to use several DeFi Services (lending, borrowing, yield farming, AMM models, etc.)
  • How to build your DeFi crypto investment strategies
  • How to safeguard your crypto holdings

About The University of Nicosia and EMURGO Academy

After successful completion of the 1st cohort in November 2022, we are glad to announce the 2nd Cohort. The Institute For the Future (IFF) and EMURGO Academy have partnered yet again to provide a high-quality university-level DeFi course called “DeFi Lab” for those interested in Web3, crypto, and blockchain technology.

The Institute For the Future (IFF) is a cross-disciplinary research institute at the University of Nicosia (UNIC), founded to explore the hypothesis that exponential technologies will cause rapidly accelerating societal change over the coming decades.

EMURGO Academy is the education arm of EMURGO, a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain, and offers six different online Cardano blockchain education courses for those with technical and non-technical backgrounds.

Cardano is one of the largest blockchain networks and proof-of-stake blockchains in the industry. Built to be environmentally friendly, Cardano offers accessible economic services to all by providing a decentralized blockchain platform that can host decentralized applications for finance, digital property (NFTs), identity management, and more.

To date, EMURGO Academy has accomplished the following:

  • Taught and certified 2,500+ certified learners, including 2,100 for Cardano-specific courses to-date
  • Collaborated with 18+ universities to provide blockchain learning to students
  • Taught students from 25+ countries around the world
  • Expect to certify 2,000+ new blockchain learners in 2023

DeFi Lab FAQs

Is this an online or offline course?

This is an online program conducted by industry experts.

When does the course start? 

The University of Nicosia & EMURGO Academy DeFi Lab program begins on 3rd July, 2023. 

Will there be another course if I want to sign up later?

Currently there is no schedule for the next cohort. You can register now to avail a discount of 100 EUROS.
Use this Promo Code “DeFi100 EMURGO” at or Click here

How long is the course? How long is each lesson?

Eight weeks is the overall duration and you will have eight  live Q&A sessions (every Friday)

Will I get a certificate upon completion? Will it be from EMURGO Academy or the University of Nicosia?

Yes, you will expand your DeFi knowledge and skills and earn an NFT-based digital certificate jointly issued by EMURGO Academy and the University of Nicosia.

Does the course require technical skills and/or knowledge of blockchain?

The course is suitable for people who understand the basic mechanisms of blockchain applications. It is suitable for people that seek to become DeFi investors and crypto strategists. 

Where can I sign up for this course?

Sign up for the course by registering at or Click here

Is this course free?

The course tuition fee is €595. However, Use this Promo Code “DeFi100 EMURGO” at or Click here you can avail a discount of €100.

How can I sign up for DeFi Lab? The course starts 3rd July, 2023.

For more detailed information and to sign up for the course, click the button above to go to the signup page.

Please note that this course starts on 3rd July, 2023.

For direct inquiries, please contact

About EMURGO Academy

Discover DeFi: A Revolution in Decentralized Finance | Join the DeFi Course

The University of Nicosia and EMURGO Academy Partner to Offer Comprehensive & Revolutionary Blockchain DeFi Course + Sign Up Offer

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