Cardano Developer Professional Program

The Cardano Developer Professional Program is a 16 week comprehensive course designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to become a proficient Cardano Developer. This program covers the key technologies that drive the Cardano blockchain, including native scripts, metadata, native tokens and extensive aspects of Plutus smart contracts, native tokens, Marlowe and the Cardano toolchain. You will also learn how to efficiently build and deploy your blockchain solutions.


Course Objectives:

  • Understand the architecture of the Cardano blockchain
  • Develop smart contracts and native tokens using Plutus and Haskell
  • Master the Cardano toolchain
  • Apply your skills to build real-world Cardano applications
  • Internship opportunities with EMURGO projects for top performers

Cardano Developer Professional Program


Developers seeking to harness the power of Plutus, Haskell, and Cardano

Finish the Cardano Haskell Developer Program to have in-depth knowledge of the key technologies that power the Cardano blockchain

One who has programming experience in any language and basic understanding of blockchain concepts

Course Content

In this module, you will master the tools and resources that are essential for Cardano development, enabling you to efficiently build and deploy your blockchain solutions. You will learn how to:
  1. Use the Cardano CLI to create keys, addresses, form transactions and understand the UTxO model
  2. Learn about native concepts, native tokens and scripts
  3. Learn how to use Transactional Metadata feature and mint tokens (Fungible and Non-Fungible)
  4. Use the Cardano Explorer to review submitted transactions
  5. Use popular 3rd party APIs such as Blockfrost and cardano-clips

In this module, you will learn about Plutus, a functional programming language that runs on the Cardano settlement layer. You will also learn how to use Plutus in conjunction with Haskell, a language familiar to many programmers. You will learn how to:
  1. Write and test Plutus scripts
  2. Deploy Plutus scripts to the Cardano blockchain
  3. Interact with Plutus scripts from other applications

In this module, you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to create full-blown incentivized native tokens and smart contract-based applications on the Cardano blockchain. You will learn how to:
  1. Design and develop smart contracts
  2. Implement business logic in smart contracts
  3. Deploy smart contracts to the Cardano blockchain
  4. Interact with smart contracts from other applications

Course Assessment

The Cardano Developer Professional Program is assessed through a combination of assignments, quizzes, and a final project. The assignments and quizzes will test your understanding of the course material, while the final project will give you an opportunity to apply your skills to build a real-world Cardano application.


The Cardano Developer Professional Program offers a comprehensive curriculum to equip participants with the skills needed for success in Cardano blockchain development. Graduates will gain a deep understanding of the Cardano Blockchain Platform, proficiency in Haskell programming for Cardano smart contracts, and expertise in Plutus language. The program also covers Marlowe smart contract development and includes a hands-on project, providing practical experience with Haskell and Plutus. With experienced instructors guiding the way, this program prepares individuals for successful careers as proficient Cardano Developers in the ever-evolving blockchain industry.

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