Voluntary global community of blockchain enthusiasts

We believe that together we empower each other and together we scale the adoption of Cardano Blockchain.
Understanding is the step prior to connecting. The whole picture becomes clearer when you listen to different cultures from different parts of the world. Common threads begin to emerge. A plan of action begins to take shape. A strong Cardano Community connect by bringing value to the community members through focussed connect on Cardano adoption. In 2022, EMURGO Academy Community has been the sponsor of Argentina Hackathon event along with IOG.

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We work towards

  1. Building relationships between members of the community
  2. Representation and advocacy of our common interests, with respect to Cardano
  3. Establishment of new prospective collaborations, exchange of ideas, technologies, and experiences with respect to Cardano
  4. Bring value to community members through.
    • Focussed Technical Q&A Channels in Cardano
    • EMURGO Ventures Funding for Entrepreneurs building on Cardano
    • Providing Academy Learning Vouchers which can be used for skill-building or Cardano-related programs
    • Invite to Masterclasses related to Cardano
    • Invite to Blockchain Expert AMA related to Cardano
    • FCardano-based Career Support

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EMURGO Academy Community

Sebastian Pabon
Haskell - Plutus instructor at
EBU of Luxembourg
Meenakshi R.
Chief Delivery Officer
EMURGO Academy
Jonah Koch
Community Lead
EMURGO Academy
Sebastian Pereira
Technical Channel Lead
EMURGO Academy Community
Kapil Kapoor
Delivery Lead
EMURGO Academy

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