Program & Enrollment FAQs

CSA is Cardano Solutions Architect Program, a 230 Hours Course to Learn to Build Full Stack Production-Ready, secure & Performant DApps on the Cardano blockchain.

Entry Profile & Prerequisites: Cardano Solutions Architect is inclined towards serious developers looking to gain a strong grip on the design and architecture of professional solutions on the Cardano blockchain. 

Exit Profile: You will have a strong understanding of how commercial applications can be built.

  • Be able to Ideate, design and develop an end-to-end use case, potentially for a startup.
  • Understand various aspects of :
    • Architecture & design
    • UI / UX basics, working with UI / UX Designers
    • Build processes, Continuous Integration & Deployment pipelines
    • Server side computing
    • Testing, Formal verification and software engineering best practices
This should interest you:

The Cardano Solutions Architect will allow developers to ideate, design and develop potential commercial applications for their startups. Building on the Cardano Developer Professional program, this program focuses on use case analysis, tokenomics and other such concepts.

CDP is Cardano Developer Professional Program, a 150 Hours Course to Become a Proficient Cardano developer with Haskell, Plutus, Marlowe and expertise in the Cardano Toolchain.

Entry Profile & Prerequisites: At the minimum, the learner should be comfortable with basic programming concepts and syntax (functions, recursion, expressions, basic concepts such as loops, conditional statements, etc.)

Exit Profile: The learner, after completion of this program, will be able to:

  • Understand the various features of the Cardano Blockchain Platform
  • Gain proficiency in Haskell programming and its pertinence to Cardano smart contracts
  • Be proficient in Smart Contract Development on Cardano using Plutus
  • Be conversant with Marlowe smart contract development and be able to write basic financial smart contracts
This should interest you:

The learner will understand the various features of the Cardano blockchain platform, gain proficiency in Haskell Programming and its pertinence to Cardano Smart Contracts, be conversant with Marlowe smart contract development and write basic financial smart contracts and have a good understanding of Cardano from both a technical design orientation and a development perspective.

Gain an in-depth understanding of Plutus / Haskell development, and you would be able to create full-blown incentivized native tokens and smart contract-based applications.

HDP is a Haskell Developer Professional Program, a 122 Hours Course to Learn how to build performant, fault-tolerant production systems from scratch using a Haskell-based pipeline.

Entry Profile & Prerequisites: Haskell Developer Professional Program is inclined towards serious developers and is designed for individuals with proficiency in any programming language and who are comfortable with building working applications. 

Exit Profile: The learner, after completion of this program, will be able to:

  • Understand the various features of the Haskell programming language
  • Gain expertise in Haskell programming
  • Be proficient in the development of performant, fault-tolerant applications and systems.
This should interest you:

This practical skill-oriented program emphasizes strong development skills using Haskell, gaining strong design skills in building performant systems and focusing on the development of fault-tolerant systems. Hit the ground running at work with job-oriented skills.

Not required if you register for CSA, as CDP is a subset of CSA.
No, there are no demo classes.
Yes. Foundations of Blockchain with Cardano Overview is a program designed for people with a non-technical background.
Cardano Solutions Architect – 1900$
Cardano Developer Professional – 1200$
Haskell Developer Professional – 1200$
Foundations of Blockchain with Cardano Overview – 175$
Foundations of Blockchain with Cardano Overview + Blockchain Business Consultant – 600$
Blockchain Business Consultant will help an individual to become a domain expertise-based Blockchain consultant. The prerequisite for this program is Foundations of Blockchain with Cardano Overview
All our classes are conducted in an Online Live manner as per a pre-defined schedule. 2 Hours of Online Live classes, 2 times a week.
Upon completing your registration process, you will be given access to our online learning portal – My EMURGO. You can access your classes from the portal.
All Live classes are available in My EMURGO portal. You can view it and catch up on the missed classes on the portal.
We have a dedicated Telegram Group for every batch where all learners from your batch, Faculty and Technical members are available, they will help you with a solution to your queries.
Our Program Educators are the right people to recommend to you. Please write to and we shall reach out to you.
Our Program Educator will send out the Registration Form and a Payment link to you to remit your fee. You can email us at to enroll.
Your learning portal is valid for one extra month after your program completion.
Our Practitioners have worked in the Blockchain domain for a significant number of years or have quality experience in the development of blockchain solutions. Not only are our practitioners skilled in the technology, but they are skilled at breaking it down into understandable terms and engaging the learners.
Yes, the course requires the learners to attend the trainer-driven live sessions regularly, to have effective learning. Hence attendance is taken and maintained by EMURGO. Also is a qualifying criterion for the final certification.

EMURGO Support

EMURGO Global Blockchain Community Elite Group is a Telegram group that will be able to network with Blockchain enthusiasts across the globe and be a part of all the events and discussions of the community.
Our Governance Council is a high-level group of experts from the field of blockchain, Cardano technology and education. They play a key role in guiding holistic decision-making, providing additional expertise and bringing in new perspectives for the academy’s programs for its overall growth.

Our Governance Council Members are:
Dr. Lars Brunjes – Director of Education, IOHK
Maksymilian Brodowicz – Haskell & Plutus Lead, MLabs
Robert Hever – Co-Founder of Charli3 Oracle
Sebastian Pabon – Haskell – Plutus instructor at EBU of Luxembourg

You will be given access to your batch-specific telegram group, wherein your batch mates, faculty and technical members are present, for communication and knowledge sharing.
For any queries, please feel free to write to
There is no limited validity period for the certification issued. However, keeping the rapid evolution of blockchain technology over time, we would advise updating your knowledge every once in 3 years

Assessments & Certifications

These are online assessments and are accessible in your learning platform – My EMURGO
Online Projects are evaluated by your Faculty and a technical team.
Yes, we take feedback very seriously and a feedback mechanism is incorporated into the very fabric of our programs. We also have a continuous improvement program where we incorporate all actionable feedback items into the refinement of our offerings.
Once you have met all the criteria for certificate/badge issue (attendance, assessment submission, project submission), your certification will be issued as a digital badge.
There is no limited validity period for the certification issued. However, keeping the rapid evolution of blockchain technology over time, we would advise updating your knowledge every once in 3 years

Payments & Refunds

Please confirm the same with your program educator and our finance team will generate the payment link to remit your fee.
Yes, an installment facility is available for a few courses, your program educator will be able to give you more information on this.
This will be taken on a case-to-case basis on exception and may not apply to every group.
  • Advance Registration options for cohorts are made available only for popular and in-demand cohorts. Seats allocated for such programs cannot be canceled or refunded
  • Every cohort is limited to a maximum of 40 seats. Learners who have paid the fees can opt for a full refund, only if the refund is applied within 3 days of the payment and have not started attending the classes and have not yet accessed My EMURGO Platform
  • The company reserves the absolute right to revise these terms without prior notice to you other than by posting revised terms
  • For a refund request please send an email to
Withdrawal / Dropping out from Program / Cancellation and Termination
  • If you are unable to complete the program you signed up for in a specific batch, we will extend reasonable support to accommodate requests for transfers between batches in order to help you (limited only to one request), however, if the batch to which the transfer is sought is already fully signed up then we would try to accommodate learners on the waitlist and allot another batch
  • It is your sole responsibility to complete the program(s) within the stipulated timelines. No extension in timelines shall be allowed by the academy
  • The company is not liable to refund any fees/part of the fees collected in case you are voluntarily opting out of the program or fail to complete the program within the stipulated timelines
  • If you fail to complete the program within the timelines, EMURGO Academy is entitled to terminate your access to the Learning Platform (MY EMURGO) and remove you from the program(s)
  • Admission / Registration to any program may be terminated by EMURGO Academy immediately without notice for any breach by you of these Terms, or any of our applicable policies as posted on the website from time to time or for breach of any policies shared post admission or in case of any breach to applicable laws
Actions related to such issues are decided on a case-to-case basis.