Why should you enroll now for an Online Blockchain Certification Program?

The global pandemic COVID-19 has radically transformed the world of work and social life globally. Work from home, social distancing, and home quarantine is the new normal today that will remain for a while.
Meanwhile, professionals and various individuals are making the best of the time that they are saving by WFH in enhancing their skill sets. They are now opting for online learning programs to enhance their productivity and to stay busy meaningfully.

The exponential growth of Blockchain Technology

The global Blockchain Technology Market is projected to reach $ 9,334.19 Million by 2025 from $ 755.34 Million in 2019. This is with a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 52.05 %. The highest growth rate will be witnessed by the Asia-Pacific Region that includes the Blockchain India Market.

Disruptive Blockchain Technology is transforming diverse big industries and sectors worldwide. It has already caught their attention owing to the innumerable advantages that it offers. Huge investments from Financial and Technology giants are flowing into the Blockchain market.

Blockchain will have ramifications for several other industries including BFSI, Consumer Goods, Telecom, Media, Healthcare, and the Public Sector. Industries that will benefit from Blockchain expertise also include E-Commerce, Real Estate, Capital Markets, Asset Management, and Transportation. Cross-border Payments, Critical Infrastructure Security, and Global Trade are also all set to be revolutionized by Blockchain intervention.

Already, 3 big Cloud Providers IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon have developed Blockchain Service Platforms for their cloud customers. Blockchain Startups across the globe are actively seeking Blockchain Developers and Experts while the pool of talent is scarce. Google, Apple, Walmart, and JP Morgan Chase are also looking for Blockchain Specialists and are not far behind.

CNBC reveals that the average pay package for Blockchain Developers ranges from $175,000 to $150,000. This range is roughly $40,000 to $15,000 higher than the average pay for Software Engineers.

The benefits of Online Blockchain Certification Program

Undoubtedly, Blockchain has emerged as the most disruptive technology today. The demand for Blockchain Experts will increase invariably as more investments flow into this market.

If you are also interested to enter the Blockchain space, then this is the perfect time to equip yourself with the required skill sets. The first logical choice that you must make is to get certification in your chosen specialization of Blockchain Technology through an Online Blockchain course.

Certification in Blockchain Technology will have an immediate career impact by highly multiplying your earning prospects. The Washington Post reports that the percentage of individuals opting for certification programs has significantly increased.

Moreover, you will stand apart from the competition in the job market through Certification. This will offer you a crucial advantage over the rest of your peers. Your knowledge base will be upgraded through online programs and you will remain updated with the latest trends in the Blockchain space.

Getting a Certification will also assist you in enhancing your professional reputation and credibility. It will demonstrate your inclination to get trained and improve yourself constantly to your higher-ups.

The 3rd Generation Blockchain Technology Platform – Cardano

Cardano is the 3rd generation technology of the Blockchain platform. The first and second generations are Bitcoin and Money Transfer and Ethereum and Smart Contracts respectively. Being a proof-of-stake platform, it is the first to be developed through methods based on evidence and founded on research reviewed by peers.

Combining pioneering technologies, Cardano offers unmatched sustainability and security for decentralized societies, systems, and applications. It exists for redistributing power to margins – the individuals from unaccountable structures. Thus, Cardano is a facilitating force for positive progress and change.

Cardano is adequately secure for protecting billions of data and scalable adequately for accommodating global systems. It is also adequately robust for supporting foundational changes.

Choose EMURGO to get the competitive Cardano edge

EMURGO Academy leverages the rich experience of EMURGO Global in diverse domains across different industries and also it’s Knowledge Base. Through this, it shares practical insights that will help you to learn and understand the latest intricate Blockchain concepts. The unique features that make EMURGO stand apart from the others in the industry are:

  • EMURGO is the authorized Commercial Arm of Cardano
  • EMURGO Certified Digital Badge Certification
  • You get to learn Strong Foundational Concepts, Design, and Architecture of Blockchain
  • Fully Live Online Sessions by Expert Faculty
  • Real-time use cases analysis
  • CXO Sessions
  • Reference material from reputed publishers like Packt Publishers

EMURGO offers ‘Foundations of Blockchain with Cardano Overview Online Program’. It is an amazing opportunity for you to acquire and understand in-line Blockchain Technology. You may find several other digital platforms offering courses in Blockchain. However, you get the added competitive edge of Cardano with Blockchain from EMURGO that you will not be offered by any of them.

The Program module is inclusive of:

  • Evolution of Blockchain and its swift transformation
  • Overview of Blockchain Design
  • Applications and Business use cases across diverse verticals
  • Prospects redefining business landscapes globally

Cardano Overview

  • UTXO Concept
  • Cardano Blockchain Layers (CSL and CL)
  • Epochs and Slots
  • 3 Cardano pillars –Sustainability, Interoperability, Scalability

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