Academic institutes and universities pride themselves on being at the forefront of adopting new tech courses in their curricula. And the buzz of blockchain has permeated educational institutes as well.

Blockchain as a distributed ledger system might have its origins in cryptocurrency, as a decentralized system for financial transaction. But, its advantages of having a peer-to-peer network-based transaction without a central authority has vast potential and is certainly not limited to the financial sector alone. Transparency, traceability, data security, immutability along with reduced costs in value transactions have seen blockchain being adopted and its feasibility research has produced many white papers. Big companies like IBM, Google have invested in Blockchain to create integrated solutions in various business verticals like supply chain and logistics, Healthcare, digital identity and in any other situation where data transparency is needed while maintaining the integrity of data with a high level of security.

But the technology is nascent, a lot of protocols are being developed only recently and changes in this arena are frequent and it’s a continuously developing technology.

Added to these shortcomings, there are no authoritative experts who would be willing to pursue blockchain academically.

But students need to learn Blockchain and be ready with the latest tools under their belt to start a successful career.

If Universities are able to offer blockchain courses based on the following three core requirements, Blockchain learning has coursework can be possible.

  1. The focus should be given to core concepts of blockchain and not on the current trend that is prevailing in the blockchain space. This allows for students to have a good foundational knowledge irrespective of the continuous changes in blockchain solution builds.
  2. Rather than a pedantic approach to learning blockchain, students must be guided through real-world problems and the industrial needs of the technology.
  3. Course work and curricula should be clearly dealt as information with expiration dates and the need to keep updating the curricula is imperative to blockchain learning.

Keeping in-line with these core pillars of blockchain education and to enable universities to teach blockchain to its students through an industry-based approach, and nurture blockchain capabilities within students EMURGO Academy is offering Ignitive Labs program for college students.

The program signs special MOU’s with universities to set up incubators within the campuses. The curriculum is designed and drafted by Industry experts who are also the faculty. They work alongside on latest development and are driving global blockchain adoption. The curricula are fluid and accommodate the evolving nature of the technology.

Students who are part of the Ignitive Labs program are also offered internship opportunities with global blockchain industry through a fellowship to increase their exposure to the industry so they could start thinking of Blockchain as a technology rather than a subject of coursework.

Speaking about the importance of Blockchain education at universities, the vice-chancellor of REVA University said, “In this age of advanced technology, it is important for the students to stay abreast with every new trending technology. With several state governments investing to implement blockchain in their governance systems and the Central Government decided to improve and support this technology, we can predict the gigantic success and the growth in ensuring data security. It is our responsibility to make our students future-ready”

EMURGO Academy is a Global Blockchain Learning Solutions entity of EMURGO, Japan. EMURGO is the investing and commercial arm of Cardano – the 3rd Generation of Blockchain. EMURGO Academy’s strategic set up in India is to ensure that the blockchain ready talent pool is created to meet the ever-increasing demands of the industry.

A stellar example of Ignitive labs’ global faculty is Vicente Almonacid – R&D Engineer, EMURGO who is a PhD in Electronics Engg from the CSU University of Montpellier, France. He flagged off the Ignitive Labs program in three different universities with a special MOU with EMURGO Academy.

This global expert’s session on blockchain clearly exemplifies the unique advantage EMURGO offers to educational institutes in India for Blockchain learning.

When you partner with EMURGO Academy you are partnering with Blockchain Practitioners for learning the latest in Blockchain technology.

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