Unlock the Power of Decentralized Finance with EMURGO Academy and the Cardano DeFi Alliance!

An exclusive opportunity to get trained by the creators of Top DeFi!!!


EMURGO Academy, a founding entity of Cardano, has partnered with the Cardano DeFi Alliance, an alliance of the top DeFi DApps on Cardano, to bring you an exclusive educational program that will empower you to master Cardano DeFi!

Step into the decentralized future with our specialized DeFi Training Program on Cardano. Uncover the intricacies of blockchain-based finance, and decentralized applications (DApps) within the Cardano ecosystem.

Who is eligible for this masterclass?

Whether you’re a developer, investor, or simply curious about the future of finance, this program equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the exciting realm of decentralized finance on the Cardano blockchain.

Why Cardano DeFi Masterclass:

  • The only program focused on DeFi specific to the Cardano protocol.
  • Learn directly from the creators of the Top DeFi applications on Cardano on how best to tap into the power of DeFi.
  • Learn the concept of “Money Legos” and composability to create optimal investment approaches and strategies.
  • Interact directly with the experts and get all your queries/doubts answered LIVE!

Program Highlights:

Learn from the innovators behind advanced DeFi applications on the Cardano blockchain, as they share insights, experiences, and best practices. Enjoy exclusive access to the thought leaders of the Cardano DeFi Alliance, gaining invaluable knowledge from industry pioneers.

Participate in live sessions, engaging with instructors, industry experts. Pose questions, explore ideas, and receive tailored guidance. Immerse yourself in the excitement of immediate learning.

Immerse yourself in hands-on exercises, simulations, tailored to the Cardano blockchain. Develop the confidence to apply your acquired knowledge to real-world situations within the Cardano DeFi ecosystem.

Explore a diverse array of DeFi topics on Cardano, spanning decentralized lending, borrowing, yield farming, liquidity mining, Stable Coins, Oracles, and Automated Market Makers. Our curriculum ensures you gain a comprehensive understanding of the Cardano DeFi ecosystem and its various elements.

Connections with peers, instructors, and industry experts from EMURGO Academy and the Cardano DeFi Alliance. Cultivate meaningful relationships, discover opportunities for collaboration, and broaden your professional network within the vibrant Cardano DeFi community

Trainers from Cardano DeFi Alliance:

The Cardano DeFi Alliance (“CDA”) is a consortium of projects with the primary mission of standardizing Plutus and Cardano best practices within the DeFi ecosystem.

Course Curriculum

Experience an engaging and interactive Masterclass hosted by EMURGO Academy, a forefront provider of blockchain education along with a remarkable lineup of industry visionaries from the Cardano DeFi Alliance, a consortium encompassing pioneering DeFi projects within the Cardano ecosystem.

An introduction of financial assets on Cardano, including ADA Staking, An introduction to wallets on Cardano, plus a discussion of why light wallets are typically used in DeFi A discussion of how DeFi professionals examine yield and some examples of different yield structures. Interactive Q&A with team members of Cardano DeFi projects

Introduction to Decentralized Exchanges on Cardano The Order Book DEX The AMM DEX Portfolio pools, swaps between stable assets, and batching of transactions Concentrated liquidity AMM/Order-book Hybrid DEXs Interactive Q&A with team members of Cardano DeFi projects

Indigo and synthetics assets Stablecoin general discussion An introduction to CDPs. The module covers how CDPs are used in the DeFi Liquidations and stability guarantees Interactive Q&A.

Arbitrage Market Making Impermanent Loss Interactive Q&A

Oracles and their role in DeFi DAO Management tooling Interactive Q&A

Blockchain Entrepreneurship in 2023 Gaming and Metaverse Regulatory and Taxation Risks in DeFi Today Security Best Practices Crypto Careers Interactive Q&A


Learners will be entitled for the following after successful completion of the Masterclass:
  • Learners will receive an airdrop of a certificate of completion as an NFT on the Cardano protocol in their wallets.
  • Co-certification from Cardano DeFi Alliance and EMURGO Academy

Our 1st cohort NFTs

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