Blockchain is making waves in almost all industries, creating quite a stir in the education sector for working professionals. While upskilling is mandatory for a healthy career growth trajectory, knowing the right skill to upskill to is key for exponential growth.

Blockchain implementation and its adoption is creating a huge demand for trained and skilled blockchain developers who are adept at Blockchain. Whether its building decentralized apps (dApps) on existing Blockchain networks or creating new Blockchain network from ground-up. There is a dearth of skilled human resource. Opening new avenues of opportunity for people looking to jump on the bandwagon.

Is Blockchain for you?

Does your current domain expertise give you an upper hand at learning blockchain?

If these questions are holding you back from making the leap, then you’ll be happy to read further.

Some observations made about Blockchain by people in the industry,

  1. Blockchain is at a nascent stage, new to everyone. This makes learning blockchain a level playing field for everyone. All one needs to possess is the ability to learn, and have enough time to dedicate themselves.
  2. Being agile and easily adaptive developers, who are in it for learning an exciting and continuously upgrading technology. Those developers have a lot to gain from upskilling to Blockchain.  
  3. Developers who are well-versed with traditional programming or software development, data analysts and have knowledge of cryptography will have the unique advantage as these skills are the most transferable skill sets in the blockchain world.

As your doubts are cleared away, there are myriad Blockchain training courses out there. Mostly they are e-learning modules for the busy working professionals.

As your doubts are cleared away, there are myriad Blockchain training courses out there. Mostly they are e-learning modules for the busy working professionals.

Which amongst the many courses is best for you?

Answering this question, it is imperative to know the crucial aspects of a good Blockchain training for professionals program,

  1. Crucial criteria should be that the course provides a complete comprehensive learning and understanding of Blockchain and its various generations.
  2. The course should help you to further your career through employment opportunities.
  3. The course should offer curated sessions for upgrading yourself with new versions and upgrades of technology.
  4. Blockchain being an international technology – The blockchain training program should be able to give that global advantage with respect to faculty and curriculum.

There is only one course that fulfills all the above criteria- EMURGO Academy WorkPro – Blockchain Training for working professionals in Bangalore, India.

EMURGO Academy Workpro caters to mainly working professionals in Bangalore currently who are keen to upskill themselves to Blockchain. EMURGO Academy is a Global Blockchain Learning Solutions entity of EMURGO Global established in Jan 2019. Leverages EMURGO Global’s rich experience in different domains across various industries and its knowledge base to share practical insights, helping participants understand and learn contemporary complex concepts related to Blockchain.

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