The next upgrade to the Cardano network now has a date. Named after Bulgarian mathematician Vasil Dabov, this hard fork is set to increase the throughput of the network and increase processing capacity. The upgrade will introduce diffusion pipelining into the network, in short, it’s an improvement at the consensus layer with the aim to facilitate faster block propagation.

The upgrade comes at a time when the Cardano network is having high levels of congestion. The protocol is suffering from long confirmation delays, especially in the market for NFTs. This has created a lot of delays for projects looking to launch on the network in recent weeks.

This has created a bottleneck for Cardano developers. Many have chosen to wait and postpone deployment after the release of Vasil during the summer of this year. For this reason, the June hard fork has become particularly important for the growth of the dApp ecosystem in 2022.

The Vasil hard fork aims to solve these issues in the short to medium term. The Cardano blockchain will continue to grow and in the future the Hydra implementation will solve the network scaling challenges long term.

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