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Former EMURGO Academy student Kelly now works as a blockchain developer with Adanian Labs, EMURGO Africa’s strategic partner based in Kenya. EMURGO – the official commercial arm and a founding entity of Cardano – is strongly committed to providing career empowerment opportunities through online blockchain courses taught by its education […]

EMURGO Academy: Learn About and Create dApps on Cardano

In the process of creating a more advanced architecture for its blockchain protocol, Cardano has taken a more research oriented approach. This has led to many innovations that give it an edge when it comes to the creation of crypto assets on its network. One […]

What is Cardano Smart Contract

Cardano Smart Contracts are programs written on the Cardano blockchain platform. These programs are written in Plutus language and basically have transactions as the input and output. Programs in the smart contract are automatically executed should certain conditions be met. History and the current state […]

What is Plutus and what makes it unique?

Plutus is perhaps quite the amalgamation of a few concepts. In precise terms, it is a functional programming language that is used to write smart contracts for the Cardano blockchain platform. It is based on the Haskell programming language and Lambda calculus, implementing the best […]

What is Haskell and its link to Plutus?

Haskell in its bare essence is a programming language that is purely functional. One of the more secure forms of code, due to being static and finds its place in various domains due to the numerous advantages it provides. However, Haskell has been around for […]


The world of technology is amongst the most dynamic ecosystems as one technology rules at a point of time and the next moment it becomes obsolete. The world of apps is nothing different. Innumerable languages, frameworks, and tech stacks are available today for developing an […]