The key to productive and in-depth learning of any new technology is a proficient and adept faculty ready to impart that knowledge to its students. A grassroots transformation needs to begin from its faculty, keeping in line with this EMURGO Academy has initiated the Faculty Development Program (FDP) in engineering colleges.

One such FDP in Cybersecurity and Blockchain was conducted in M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology. This one-day FDP was attended by faculty members from more than 60 VTU affiliated engineering colleges across Karnataka. The program delved into the usage of blockchain in cybersecurity, its implementation and importance along with different case studies.

Talking about the FDP initiative, Mr. E Venkatesan, CEO, EMURGO Academy said, “To bring in awareness about blockchain technology among the students, it is important for the faculty members to get trained first. The college faculty teams can introduce blockchain to the students and train them about the importance of using these new-age technology courses. In this era of competition, it is always beneficial for students to have an additional skillset like Blockchain Technology and be job-ready.”

Highlighting on the importance of training in blockchain courses Dr. Mydhili Nair, Professor,ISE, M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology said “This emerging technology will bring in a lot of changes in the cybersecurity space. Therefore the job opportunities in India will be massive”.

Blockchain technology is a versatile platform for transparency, data security & traceability. Data handled and recorded through Blockchain technology are not easily tamperable and not susceptible to cybercriminal attacks. The decentralization has brought in equitability in value and asset transactions. Its industry-agnostic approach is driving its adoption by various business verticals.

Blockchain adept skills are the second-highest most-wanted skillset in the job market currently. Engineering students engaging with the job market are well aware of the need for Blockchain trained professionals and want to be empowered with the latest technology within their campuses.

Commenting on organizing faculty development program on cybersecurity, Dr. Monica R Mundada, Professor, CSE, M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology said, “Today, new-age technologies like AI, IoT, machine learning, blockchain are gaining significance and it is important for every education institution today to introduce these technologies as part of the curriculum. This initiative by EMURGO Academy will help us meet the demands of the Indian job industry and train our students to work with different technologies.”

Engineering colleges themselves understand the need to be in-sync with the latest technological transformation and encourage such FDP’s that will eventually translate to its students, whose success in the job market will eventually reflect in the success of the colleges.

Commending about such initiatives, Dr.Manish Kumar, Professor, MCA, M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology said “These kinds of programs will enhance the knowledge of the faculty which in turn will benefit the students in learning evolving technologies”.

The faculty development program is part of EMURGO Academy’s initiatives to drive blockchain learning within campuses. Their main aim is to set up Blockchain incubators within engineering campuses to create an engaging Blockchain cohort, where students are nurtured, groomed to become part of blockchain Industry.

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