Many industries across segments like healthcare, banking, real estate, pharma, education, entertainment, etc are being swept away with the possibilities of Blockchain, to bring about transparency and veracity in the transactions. This industry wise evangelization of Blockchain needs immense human capital skilled to work either on building applications on existing Blockchain networks or build new Blockchain networks.

This demand is extremely fortuitous for many expert developers to translate their existing skills and talent towards Blockchain implementation.

Helping them in their learning and upskilling endeavors are many online ‘only’ learning programs. Although these online programs are enticing with the options of flexibility, convenience, and affordability. There is a major downside to these ‘only’ online courses.

EMURGO Academy’s blended mode of learning is a hybrid model, that incorporates the best of both worlds – the convenience of an online training yet the rigor and discipline of a traditional classroom learning.

Presenting aspects where other online programs falter, but EMURGO Academy WorkPro provides a unique proposition.

1. Collaborative interaction for better learning

This is amiss in an online ‘only’ blockchain training course. There is just you, the learner and the recorded lectures on your computer. A sense of isolation as a flip side to convenient learning. There is limited exposure to anything beyond the curriculum. No faculty present for your questions and discussion, no peer to peer interaction motivating you for some healthy competition, keeping you in line with your study goals.

EMURGO Academy’s Synchronised Learning Platform – SLP – is a unique collaborative platform bringing all invested – the learners – You, the global Faculty, the employers of industry, together for curriculum delivery, assessment, mentoring and evaluation. Opening up for vital discussions and learning.

2. Self-discipline is paramount in online ‘only’ courses

With online ‘only’ programs, there is a crucial necessity to be your own disciplinarian. To be self-motivated, managing your current work schedules with learning schedules, making time to work and deliver assignments, etc. All of these need more than usual self-discipline for a considerable period of time. The banality of learning alone added to the need for social engagements leads to procrastination. This builds up over time and doesn’t let you see through the course until the certification is obtained. People drop out more often on online ‘only’ courses – demoralized and getting swayed away from making the much-needed career shifting upskill training.

EMURGO Academy’s blended mode of learning is flexible weekend classrooms that have faculty for post online lectures discussion and direction. CXO’s mentoring along with peer to peer interaction keeps you motivated and engaged.

3. Certification acceptance and employment opportunities

A lot of online ‘only’ blockchain courses provides certification that is industry recognized and only helps with building a viable resume to help you with the job search.
In short, they give you the bare minimum on course completion and do not enable you with your career prospects or guide you.

Education for the sake of education is not important when it comes to blockchain learning. Education leading to skill enhancement which in turn opens a gateway for career growth is the need for any blockchain training course.

EMURGO Academy WorkPro proposes to do just that, to go beyond just education and exposure to the global blockchain scene. To open up channels for employment opportunities within the blockchain Industry.

This is an academy that is set up ‘By the Blockchain Industry’ for addressing the dearth in the talent pool, develop the human capital to contribute to the advancement of the Blockchain industry.

No other course can make such a claim.

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