EMURGO Academy the global educational arm of EMURGO, Japan was set up in Bangalore, India with the sole vision of harnessing & nurturing young talents through incubators within college campuses. Education has always been a formidable tool for empowerment and transformation at the core level. EMURGO Academy will skill students by fostering a deep understanding of blockchain technology and chart a course for inquisitive learning and blockchain implementation within the safety confines of the college.

Ignitive labs by EMURGO Academy is the marquis Blockchain education program to train a new generation of cohorts to blockchain’s multitude possibilities. As part of that program, EMURGO Academy signed an MoU with the esteemed REVA Univesity. A collaboration that could nurture and groom Blockchain talent amongst REVA University’s 15000 students in various departments. The MoU was signed and exchanged in person by both the CEO of EMURGO Academy India, Mr. E Venkatesan and Vice Chancellor of REVA University, Dr. S.Y. Kulkarni.

The MoU will be the first of many such collaborative efforts between EMURGO Academy and other universities, which have recognised the impact and far-reaching capabilities of Blockchain and are keen on adopting the technology of future as part of their curriculum. To not only impart a useful skill to their students, but also make them adept at the technology even before they become a productive workforce as Blockchain developers and architects.

Speaking on this collaboration Mr E Venkatesan, CEO, EMURGO Academy said, “We are glad to have associated with REVA University for our EMURGO Academy Ignitive Labs. At EMURGO Academy, we follow a blended learning approach that includes a combination of classroom sessions, online teaching, e-learning and recorded sessions. This approach helps students understand the curriculum faster and effortlessly. Our training sessions, discussion forums with the leading CXOs and Thought Leaders from the industry will open new avenues for the students and help them decide their future career in the blockchain sector.”

Through this collaboration, EMURGO Academy will train the students in blockchain technology with an internationally aligned curriculum specially drafted by the SMEs and will provide opportunities to work on live projects, offer R&D advantage, access to employers across the globe, exposure to international forums, internship with EMURGO and other companies and a junior fellowship program – a launchpad for bright minds to go through a 6 months of Internship at New York with a standard stipend.

Highlighting the importance of this association, Dr. S. Y. Kulkarni, Vice-Chancellor, REVA University said, “In this age of advanced technology, it is important for the students to stay abreast with every new trending technology. With several state governments investing to implement blockchain in their governance systems and the Central Government deciding to improve and support this technology, we can predict the gigantic success and the growth in ensuring data security. It is our responsibility to make our students future ready and we are sure that EMURGO Academy Ignitive Labs will help us fulfil our dream of creating the best talent pool in blockchain technology in India.”

EMURGO Academy’s Ignitive labs will become the centres of Blockchain excellence within university campuses focused on delivering above par Blockchain Human Capital equipped and skilled, ready to contribute to the Global Blockchain Industry.

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