An Overview

EMURGO Academy’s blockchain learning programs are designed for individuals, entrepreneurs and business consultants with a keen interest in the future of blockchain. Beginning with an exploration of the fundamentals of blockchain and aspiring to build blockchain-based applications, the programs help with a deep understanding of various technology components.

Blockchain learning programs are customized to ensure that they align with learners' academic calendars, meet their professional requirements, and assist them in meeting the career development perspective. Through a series of learning sessions, EMURGO Academy drives individuals to be proactive and enhance their skills, and help them fill current and future roles in Cardano Blockchain technology.

Benefit To Students

Knowledge of use cases through design, development, testing, and security.

Understanding of how to build blockchain-based apps.

Receive unparalleled guidance from faculties with expertise in their respective fields.

Digital badge from EMURGO Academy for participants to gain a competitive edge.

Our Programs

EMURGO Academy's blockchain learning programs are developed to build a strong understanding of Blockchain technologies and the Cardano ecosystem.

Whether you are a trainee or an entrepreneur, or a business consultant, considering a blockchain program will bring an understanding of various blockchain-based components and streamlining processes to improve efficienc

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Foundations of Blockchain with Cardano Overview

Foundational understanding of Blockchain, its application, scope, limitations, and synergies. Understands the basic mechanism of...
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$175 41 Hours
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Cardano Entrepreneur

Entry Profile & Prerequisites This program is designed for CXO’s of startups aspiring to build blockchain based applica...
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45 Hours
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Blockchain Business Consultant

Entry Profile & Prerequisites This program is designed for non-IT / non-developer Senior working professionals from various d...
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$500 40 Hours