An Overview

Upskilling is no longer just an option but a necessity. EMURGO Academy has geared up to launch a series of blockchain learning programs for the benefit of individuals, developers, architects and project managers. Cardano blockchain developer learning programs are designed for professionals with erstwhile technical knowledge, looking to upgrade their skills by exploring the potential of Cardano blockchain, Haskell, Plutus, Marlowe's expertise in the Cardano Toolchain.

Learn how to build Full-Stack, secure and Performant DApps with an understanding of production-ready application requirements on the Cardano blockchain. Whether a well-seasoned IT professional, a developer, a service level employee or a program manager or an architect, EMURGO Academy's tech stack in Cardano blockchain will help you enrich your career by honing your skills. Our core experts customize the curriculum to create in-depth programs on Cardano blockchain, from an introductory to advanced level. As a part of the offering, participants who complete the EMURGO Academy's program will get a digital certification badge from us.

Our Objectives

Bring real-time implementation and exposure to help professionals to take the learning forward.

Prepare serious developers and individuals to become proficient in building working applications and seek opportunities across the Cardano blockchain.