Entry Profile & Prerequisites

This program is inclined towards serious developers and is designed for individuals with proficiency in any programming language and who are comfortable with building working applications. At the minimum, the learner should be comfortable with basic programming concepts and syntax (functions, recursion, expressions, basic concepts such as loops, conditional statements, etc.). Learners should expect to spend around 6 hours a week practicing what they learn during the latter part of the sessions, completing assignments and doing independent research to strengthen their understanding of the material covered.

Exit Profile

The learner, after completion of this program, will be able to:

  • Understand the various features of the Haskell programming language
  • Gain expertise in Haskell programming
  • Be proficient in development of performant, fault-tolerant applications and systems.

What will you Learn?

After completion of this program will be able to understand the various features of the Haskell programming language, gain expertise in Haskell programming, and become proficient in developing performant, fault-tolerant applications and systems.


This practical skill-oriented program emphasizes strong development skills using Haskell, gaining strong design skills in building performant systems and focusing on the development of fault-tolerant systems. Hit the ground running at work with job-oriented skills.

Course content

Foundational Haskell:

  • Intro To Haskell.
  • Data Types.
  • Recursive Patterns And Polymorphism.
  • Higher Order Functions.
  • Type Classes.
  • Laziness.
  • Monoids.
  • IO.
  • Functors.
  • Applicatives.
  • Monads.
  • Monad Transformers.
  • Finale.
  • Project Mentoring & Presentation.


Advanced Haskell:

  • Orientation towards streaming frameworks.
  • Production ready servers design and building.
  • Concurrency
  • How to design performant systems.
  • Case study - servant server system (internally uses warp).
  • Testing and benchmarking - quickcheck, hspec.
  • Gauge, criterion, tastybench.
  • Tasty test framework.
  • GitHub CI / CD pipeline, PackCheck bash scripts (quick & easy CI/CD).
  • Design principles.
  • Research papers on concurrent systems.
  • Haskell Core - Compilation Process & Optimization overview.
  • PolySemy - Effects systems.
  • Advanced Project Mentoring & Presentation.
$1,200 110 Hours

This Course Includes

  • LMS access for the duration of the program duration.
  • Access to all course material such as presentations, pdf books, video content and assessments for the program through the LMS.
  • Online Live training sessions with industry experts.
  • 1 Special industry speaker session.
  • Mentoring sessions during project work.

Terms and Conditions

  • EMURGO reserves the right to admission for any of its courses being offered either offline classroom-led, Online live, or self-paced.
  • Although EMURGO defines its batch start dates well in advance, in the unlikely event of any change of dates/batch cancellation EMURGO shall be the sole decision-maker on the announcement of the new batch dates.
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