Entry Profile & Prerequisites

This program is inclined towards serious developers looking to gain a strong grip on the design and architecture of professional solutions on the Cardano blockchain. The learner is expected to have a good understanding of mobile application development or full-stack web development. The learner will also be provided with a free custom e-learning course on full stack web / mobile development course as a refresher.

Learners should expect to spend around 6 to 8 hours a week practicing what they learn during the latter part of the sessions, completing assignments and doing independent research to strengthen their understanding of the material covered.

Exit Profile

The Learner after completion of this program will:

  • Have a strong understanding of how commercial applications can be built.
  • Be able to Ideate, design and develop an end-to-end use case, potentially for a startup.
  • Understand various aspects of :
    • Architecture & design.
    • UI / UX basics, working with UI / UX Designers.
    • Build processes, Continuous Integration & Deployment pipelines.
    • Server side computing
    • Testing, Formal verification and software engineering best practices.

What will you learn?

After completing the program, learners will have a strong understanding of how commercial applications can be built and ideate, design and develop an end-to-end use case, potentially for a startup. Concepts such as UI/UX, build processes, continuous integration, deployment pipelines, server-side computing and software engineering best practices will also be explored.


The Cardano Solutions Architect will allow developers to ideate, design and develop potential commercial applications for their startups. Building on the Cardano Developer Professional program, this program focuses on use case analysis, tokenomics and other such concepts. Emphasis will also be placed on real-world blockchain designs and the best practices of software engineering.

Course content

Blockchain Architecture & Design:

  • What is Blockchain?
  • Cryptography
  • Why is blockchain so revolutionary?
  • History of Money
  • Bitcoin, PoW, UTXOs and everything, Discussions
  • Bitcoin Design
  • Cryptocurrency Aspects Classical - RAFT, PAXOS
  • Consensus Algorithms Classical - PBFT, TENDERMINT
  • Consensus Algorithms Modern
  • Basic & Programmable Blockchains, Account based models
  • Tokens - Concepts, Uses, Economics
  • Blockchain Universe - High level view
  • DAOs, Oracles
  • Blockchain Scalability Solutions
  • Compliance & Regulation
  • Use Cases (Metaverse)
  • Use Case Analysis & Design Discussion


Haskell In Depth:

  • Intro To Haskell
  • Data Types
  • Recursive Patterns
  • And Polymorphism
  • Higher Order Functions
  • Type Classes
  • Laziness
  • Monoids
  • IO
  • Functors
  • Applicatives
  • Monads
  • Monad Transformers
  • Finale
  • Project Mentoring
  • Project Presentation


Marlowe Overview:

  • Marlowe Concepts
  • Marlowe Demo


Cardano + Plutus:

  • Introduction to Cardano Toolchain
  • Cardano binaries Setup
  • Developer Tools
  • Deep Dive Cardano Concepts
  • Deep Dive Transaction Structure
  • Deep Dive Plutus Smart Contracts
  • Deep Dive Transaction Metadata
  • Deep Dive Native Tokens
  • Overview - Plutus Build Tools
  • Overview - Various Forms of Plutus
  • Plutus Prerequisites Setup - Linux Commands
  • Plutus Playground - Demo
  • Plutus Samples Walkthrough
  • Plutus Advanced Samples Walkthrough
  • Plutus PAF, PAB, DApp Connector
  • Overview - KEVM / Milkomeda Sidechain
  • Glow, IELE, K-Framework
  • Plutus Project Assignment
  • Project Mentoring & Presentation



  • Use Case Analysis - 3 use cases.
  • Whitepaper Creation.
  • Tokenomics.
  • Smart Contract Design - 1 use case.
  • Interfacing with Decentralized Storage.
  • Interfacing with Oracle systems.
  • Server APIs.
  • Database Integration.
  • Atala Prism Integration.
  • UI / UX Design Overview.
  • CI / CD Flow and Integration.
  • Hosting – Heroku.


Project Definition:

  • UI / UX Designer Interaction. .
  • Front end creation.
  • Server APIs, Database Integration.
  • Smart Contract Integration & Deployment.
  • Unit Testing.
  • Plutus Design Patterns.
  • Formal Verification Tools.
  • Project Mentoring.
  • Project Presentation.
$1,900 175 Hours

This Course Includes

  • LMS access for the duration of the program duration.
  • Access to all course material such as presentations, pdf books, video content and assessments for the program through the LMS.
  • Online Live training sessions with industry experts.
  • 1 Special industry speaker session.
  • Mentoring sessions during project work.

Terms and Conditions

  • EMURGO reserves the right to admission for any of its courses being offered either offline classroom-led, Online live, or self-paced.
  • Although EMURGO defines its batch start dates well in advance, in the unlikely event of any change of dates/batch cancellation EMURGO shall be the sole decision-maker on the announcement of the new batch dates.
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