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An Overview

EMURGO Academy’s Ignitive Lab program aims to meet the growing demand of talent skilled in Cardano Blockchain technology through our partnership with several Universities, Business Schools, Technology Schools, and Government Academies.

With an expert faculty of leading experts in blockchain, and a peer-reviewed curriculum spanning all major areas of knowledge in blockchain technology, EMURGO Academy's program for colleges and universities intends to create a better workforce for the future and narrow down the attainment gap. Our partners will also gain exclusive access to world-class resources, processes, and knowledge to train the attendees and faculties on global standards and get them EMURGO-certified.

Our Objectives

Co-create content with our partners to create more diverse and in-depth content on Cardano Blockchain technologies.

Helping educational institutions to get the ready-to-deploy blockchain professionals.

Offer research-level help along with global exposure to the students to thrive in international markets.

To help participants kickstart their entrepreneurial journey through guidance and support.


What's in it for Attendees?

Students learn to thrive as technology professionals in the industry while our learning programs also empower faculties with deep expertise in Cardano Blockchain. A student gets benefits like-

  • An internship in EMURGO for top performers who complete the training to interact with live projects
  • A digital certificate is given by EMURGO after the successful completion of a program
  • Global exposure to broaden attendees' outlook and introduce them to a multicultural learning environment
  • Complete support to meritorious students looking to take on entrepreneurial roles
  • Potential employers will have access to EMURGO-certified students

Possible Synergies

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Elective Curriculum

Colleges and Universities can sign up with EMURGO Academy to include Cardano Blockchain learning programs in their curriculum as an elective course.

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Basic Blockchain Program

A 20 to 40 hours value-added program to introduce Cardano Blockchain to the students.

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Co-design Partnership

A customized program to upskill the faculty of the University to gain a deep understanding of blockchain technology.

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Faculty Development Program

A customized program to upskill the faculty of the University to gain a deep understanding of blockchain technology or AI/ML.

Collaborated Universities

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